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FB Advertising Mastery

FB Advertising Mastery


What You Get with "FB ADVERTISING PRO"

MODULE 1: Welcome to FB Advertising PRO

Course Welcome & Introduction

An overview of what we are going to cover in this course and how best to use it.

MODULE 2: Facebook Advertising Basics

Navigate to the Facebook Ads manager

Follow these simple steps to activate the Facebook Ads Manager for the first time, or to navigate back to the ads manager if you have placed ads in the past.

Facebook Ad's Manager Overview

A complete overview of the Facebook Ads Manager. Learn what each section does, how to customize your view to find exactly what you are looking for.

Facebook Ads Manager Menu Navigation

In this module you will learn about all of the options available to you in the Ads Manager Menu. This includes powerful tools like Audience Insights, and the Facebook Website Pixel.

MODULE 3: Audiences & Targeting

Creating and Managing Facebook Audiences

Here we go in-depth and explore all of the ways that you can create an audience that you can market to. Gain a complete understanding of custom audiences, lookalike audiences and saved audiences. Learn how to use them to take your marketing to the next level.

The Facebook Audience Insights Tool

Here we take a deep dive into the Audience insights tool showing you how to use all of its features to help you find your ideal customer, AND to learn exactly who they are so that you can create a message that not only reaches them but gets them to respond.

MODULE 4: Creating Your First Ads

Facebook Ad Campaign Objective

Next we start at the very beginning of the ad process. We will take a look at all of the types of ads that you can run on Facebook. Then we explore the how to choose the advertising objective that is right for you.

Facebook Ad Sets - Audience Selection

The next step in the ad creation process is selecting your target audience. In this module we walk through the step of selecting an audience that is right for you.

Facebook Ad Sets - Placement

It's time to explore where we want out ads to be seen. We will go through each of the ad placement options available to you and talk about when it is best to choose one over the other.

Facebook Ad Sets - Budget & Scheduling

This section is all defining how much to spend, how often, for how long, and when we want our ads to be seen.

MODULE 5: Maximize Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook Newsfeed Ad Drive-by

Here we take a look at the different ads that show up in our newsfeed. I'll take a look at each ad that we find, show you how to find out why you are seeing the ad, and I'll give a critique of the ads that we see as well as the landing page where the ads send us.

Introduction to Ad Types

Here we take at look at the 4 different ad types that we are going to focus on in the next few modules.

Ad Type - Click to Website Ads

We will take a look at Ads that drive traffic from Facebook to your website. This includes do's and don'ts as well as best practices. And we take a look at a freshly created live ad campaign and see some instant results.

Audience Growth 101

In this module we take a look at why growing an audience and finding your tribe on Facebook is an important foundation for the rest of your Facebook marketing efforts.

Ad Type - Promote Your Page

Want to grow your audience? Here we explore the best way to do this with "Like" campaigns. See an actual live campaign that shows not only how to product low cost likes, but how to further optimize the ad for greater results.

Ad Type - Boost a Post

Want to get more eyes on your content? We take a close look at how to do this for the least amount of money. Audience engagement is an important part of Facebook Marketing. It directly impacts the cost of all of your ads. In this module we take a look at to very successful Boosted Posts, and explore how to find the best posts to promote for the most engagement.

Ad Type - Lead Generation Ads

Here we discuss lead generation ads and show you some examples of how to make them work for you and even generate free leads. You will see the creation process as well as gain an understanding of what it takes to create an effective lead generation campaign.

MODULE 6: Measure, Review & Improvement

Facebook Ad Reporting & Ad Optimization

So now that you have run ads, how do you find reporting so that you understand how your ads are performing? We take a look at the ads manager reporting section in detail. We also talk about split testing, ad refreshing, and other factors that help you to get better results for less money.

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Retargeting 101



Here I give you an overview of Facebook Retargeting. This is recording of a live presentation before an audience of marketers.

3 Types of Facebook Pages


Facebook Group

If you are building a Facebook Page, this module will help you to understand the three different types of pages that you can build on Facebook. I share which ones are the easiest and why.

Fan Page Karma Overview



Here I share one of my secret weapons that I use in my Agency to give me insights about any Facebook Page, even if its not my own. This tool will give you an upper hand in any market. It has literally made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

Facebook Text Overlay Tool


Facebook Group

There is a new Facebook tool in town. In this video I show you the new Facebook Text Overlay Tool and how to use it. I also talk about best practices when using text in your ads.

Oribi - Free tool that gives ad insights


Facebook Group

This cool tool will show you in a graphical display who is responding to your ads. Knowing this will tell you important information about your market and how to make your marketing more effective. We dive into an active ad account to show you how this free tool will help you optimize your ad campaigns to reach the right people.

Facebook Marketing DOJO Private Facebook Group

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Facebook Group

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FB Advertising PRO

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BONUS: Retargeting 101


BONUS: 3 Types of Facebook Pages


BONUS: Fan Page Karma Overview


BONUS: Facebook Text Overlay Tool


BONUS: Oribi - Free tool that gives ad insights


BONUS: Facebook Marketing DOJO Private Facebook Group

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